Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Preserving a little of Singapores (and UWCSEAs) history

As all of us in Singapore for a while know, history is often measured in decades and not in centuries. For a building to reach into its 50s is a real milestone! with this sort of heritage at hand it is fascinating to look at the "old" building techniques of time gone by and compare with modern practice. For all those that have stopped counting birthdays you will be pleased to note, at least in this context, that the old days were definitely did things better!

We have salvaged many items from the site and we hope to use them with our "heritage cafe" which forms part of the new building. If you have anything that you could donate towards this heritage project, please do get in touch.

Some highlights below:

Bakelite Ceiling Rose with Teak KO Box - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bakelite  Interestingly all the trunking to contain the cables was made of wood!  A good time to be a carpenter (and a fireman) I would of thought.

Not such a clear picture I am afraid but an old fuse box with all porcelin breakers shipped all the way from Birmingham, England and still working after some 40 years until the building was demolished..(I can just hear the collective swelling of national pride)

Even the bricks have a story to tell, here you can see a brick made specially for PUB, we also have bricks from the Alexandria and Jurong brickworks. As Singapore long ago gave the job of making bricks to someone else, they are literally not making these anymore! These will be used to form the walls of the new cafe. More on the brickworks of Singapore at:

The old library - I believe in the 1970s, in the latter years it became a staff room (If you are in the photo please do correct me if I am wrong)

The staircase today. Dismantled and ready for reassembly in the new building.

Even the paving stones have some history....If you met your future wife at one of these tables whilst resting on these stones, you may want to consider an anniversary gift?