Sunday, 9 March 2014

Progress of Site - early March 2014

Current Progress on site - March 2014

Well the excavation has now started in earnest, we are averaging around 100 truck loads of soil from the site every day and we will need to do this non- stop for at least 60 days to get to the final level of the basement (as this is a school project I will let you work out how many truck loads of soil this will be!) 

You can now see a strange cage of steel in the middle of the site, to correct some misinformation in the Primary School I can confirm this is not for the builders at night, the guard dog or naughty children but it is in fact the foundations for the tower crane which will soon be rising from the ground. This cage will be lowered in the hole in the ground and is support by the 12 pieces of steel that can be seen poking from the ground.

This will be interesting as everyone knows that the building site is not a building site with a big crane but also because it will give all that are watching carefully an idea of the final level of the car park as this huge lump of concrete will eventually be left under the car park floor.

For the sake of future generations that may be reading this blog in 2224, I will be embedding a number of coins from 2014 in this block of concrete so please get digging if the school is now short of funds....