Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Potential Positive Impact of Design.

Terrapin recently released our latest publication, 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design. 

"Recall your favorite place – a scene where you felt rejuvenated, invigorated and centered.  Most likely, you’re picturing a place in nature."

This is the quote that first caught my eye and got me to read Terrapin “14 Patterns of Biophilic Design” published at the end of September.

On reflection, its content is mainly common sense (most of the best concepts usually are) but they do help join the dots and answer the "why?" on many of the isolated criticisms and successes you hear of within architecture applied to a urban build environment.  Unfortunately, these elements outlined do not seem to be consciously applied to the design of buildings that I have been involved with past the odd planter, green wall and green roof response.

I am now wondering if there is an opportunity to change that...

Download the thoughts on Biophilic Design here